Introducing our Flint Role Models

We've partnered with a few local Flint movers and shakers to model our new collection. These people are enacting positive change and tirelessly working to improve the lives and conditions of the Flint community. 

100% of the profits from our new, limited-edition, Flint Collection will be donated directly to, an organization dedicated to long-term solutions for the health & development of Flint's youth.

Meet our neighbors that inspire us daily. Meet our Flint Role Models.

Mari Copeny

Little Miss Flint


Mari "Little Miss Flint" Copeny has become a leading activist in Flint at eight years old. Personally affected by the Flint water crisis, Mari helped bring the nation's attention to the needs of the city, convincing President Obama to visit Flint personally. The water crisis' biggest victim is the children of Flint, Mari is the face of fighting back.

"I love Flint because the people here love me, and there are lots of fun things to do. I love the farmer's market and the hot dogs stand there.

"Don't forget about Flint."

I want people to know that Flint is a great place to live and that we are more than poison water."

Dr. Bobby Mukkamala

Physician, Community Leader


Dr. Bobby Mukkamala was born and raised in Flint. As a Otolaryngologist (nose, ear, and throat) Physician, Dr Bobby has cared about the well-being of his Flint community for years. Dr. Bobby has become a leader in the Flint community by serving on numerous non-profit boards (including The Community Foundation of Greater Flint) as well as investing in the development of businesses in downtown Flint.

"I'd like people to know that in this city, the people have grit and a strong sense of hope."

"I love Flint for its potential. From the outside it was once great but no longer. From the inside it was once great but now it's greatness is like a diamond hidden in coal." 

Mama Sol

Hip-Hop Artist, Activist, Teacher


Mama Sol is one of a kind. A hip-hop artist, motivational speaker, poet, teacher, and activist, Sol has dedicated her life to improving the lives of others. Sol's journey of service includes motivational speaking in refugee camps in Somalia and Kenya, becoming Director of Special Education at an African-Centered school on Detroit's Eastside; Timbuktu Academy of Science and Technology, and forming the Hip-Hop group "Mama Sol and tha N.U.T.S." who envision a world prioritizing education, responsibility and art.

"Love is an action word... Flint natives are people of action. Those that choose to take action become successful at whatever they choose despite the stereotypes surrounding our city & its people.

"I love what Flint has taught me..."

So many life lessons BUT the most important is the Importance of love... To spread love in word, action & in spirit. Love makes life easy... Graceful."

Robb Klaty



Rob Klaty never seems to stop moving. Rob has helped found many food & beverage businesses in Flint including Flint Crepe Company, Table and Tap Barbeque, Merge, Heyday Coffee, and Tenacity Brewery. Rob and his family live in downtown Flint and have dedicated themselves to the development of culture and food in Flint.

"I wish people could see past the headlines to the heart, soul and inner beauty that exists here."

"I love Flint because of the very real challenges and opportunities that exist here, and the people that live and work here. Flint is not an easy place.  But that breeds and attracts a certain type of people. Gritty, tenacious people who understand adversity. Generous and grounded people. It's a joy to work alongside of those sort of folks."


Jessica Judson

Entrepreneur, Business Owner


Jessica moved to Flint a few years ago after getting her master's degree abroad in South Korea, and immediately fell in love with the city. Jessica and her husband, Mike, dove into the culture and development of Flint. Jessica and Mike started a cold pressed juice company, and they will be opening a juice shop in downtown Flint very soon. 

"This city is for everyone. People in Flint respect your hustle."

"I can really appreciate that. You don't have to try and be anything you're not, and more times than not, that's why you're needed here. To bring what you do to the city. To help us make sure that Flint is going to continue to progress, but not stray from what started this city: innovation & entrepreneurship."

Jason Caya

Social Entrepreneur & Director of Flint Area Reinvestment Office


Jason is the Director of the Flint Area Reinvestment Organization, where he works to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Flint. Jason also cofounded Tenacity Brewery in downtown Flint, and serves on multiple non-profit boards such as Hurley Medical Center and Greater Flint Health Coalition. Jason is constantly looking for ways he can give back to the Flint community. 

"I love Flint because this is a place where anyone can make a difference today and there are so many opportunities to do just that. It’s that combination that makes Flint different from almost any other place."

"Whatever someone wants to do to change the world, they can do it today in Flint and we will welcome them!"

"I’d love people to know and understand Flint is a complex, dynamic community just like any city. We are not just automobiles or water or violence. I’d encourage everyone to come and see for themselves."

Kathleen Gazall

Downtown Activist & Founder, Buckham Alley Fest


Kathleen was born and raised in Flint, and has lived and in the downtown neighborhood for years. When downtown residents were worried about an unpaved alley with no lights, she started Buckham Alley Fest to raise funding to pave the alley and set up lights. 

"I have lived through many changes of Flint.  We’ve been knocked around quite a bit over the years, but my love for Flint has never wavered. I will continue to do my part in making Flint one of the best City’s to live, work and play."

"They say home is where the heart is – and my heart is in Flint."

"You have to give Flint a chance – let it become a part of you and your soul. We are so much more than what you read and hear about on the news.  It really is easy to fall in love with Flint."

Carl McMurray

Creative Director, GoodBoy Clothing


Carl is the Creative Director of GoodBoy Clothing, a streetwear brand based in Flint. Carl is heavily involved in the Flint creative and fashion scene, and is always ready to lend support to other Flint businesses. 

"It's the city of the future."

"I love Flint because it's where I was born, my hometown and also for it building me into a omniplex of a human being."

Kali Lucas

Public Relations Coordinator


Kali is the Public Relations Coordinator for Diplomat Pharmacy, a major corporation based in Flint. Kali lives in downtown Flint, works in Flint, and loves taking part in the vibrant culture and nightlife in downtown Flint. She is a great example of a resurgance of young people moving to Flint after college to expereince the incredibly unique energy of the city.

"It’s a place of growth and hope."

"The best part about Flint is the people. There are a lot of things happening in Flint right now, good and bad, but the one thing that never changes is the spirit of the people. They are resilient and passionate, and that’s reflected, here."