Craftsmanship You Can Feel


Complete Transparency

We believe you should know everything about a product that you spend money on. We not only publicly share our supply chain, we are also turning a spotlight on the hands that craft each pair of frames. The eyewear industry is admittedly murky in detail when it comes to manufacturing; we are here to bring a little clarity. Ethical labor is incredibly important to us, which is why we only manufacture in Italy, a country with laws that we can feel confident treat workers fairly.

The care put into each frame results in quality you can feel.



It all starts with beautifully rich Mazzuchelli Acetate. The sheet of acetate is cut into rectangles about 15cm x 7cm. Small blocks of clear acetate are glued to the sheet using acetone - to be used for nose pads.

Mazzucchelli 1849 s.p.a
Via S and P Mazzucchelli 7
Castiglione Olona, Varese Italy 21043



The rectangle of acetate is placed in the CNC machine at Morgana Optical, and the CNC mills the eye holes, lens grooves, nose pads, and the outer shape and edges of the front. 

The CNC also mills out the temple shape.

Morgana Optical
Via Codalunga, 60
Segusino, Treviso Italy 31040



A craftsman files and sands the surface and edges of the acetate fronts and temples. Holes are drilled into the front and temples for the hinge rivets that will be inserted later.

The fronts and temples are placed in tumblers for 12-18 hours to smooth and polish the surface.



The fronts are heated and then pressed on a mold to create the base curve. A machine called a “temple core shooter” heats the temple and shoots a metal temple core into the temple.



The hinges are made at Visottica Comotec in the same village where the frames are cut and assembled. The hinge is riveted by hand to the front of the frame.

Visottica Comotec
Via Vecchia Trevigiana, 11
Susegana, Treviso Italy 31058



The temple hinge is attached and screws tightened.



Our Zeiss CR39 lenses are edged to the shape of the frame, and popped into place.

Zeiss Vision
Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 22, 73447 Oberkochen




Our custom Logo Plaque, made by Fotomeccanica, is inserted by hand.

Fotomeccanica s.r.l.
Industrial Zone 49
Pederobba, Treviso Italy 31040



The frames are hand polished one last time by Paulo, and his team at Lupa Finitura Occhiali di Luciani Paolo, and sent to our headquarters in Flint, MI.

Lupa Finitura Occhiali di Luciani Paolo
Via Agordina 62/A
Sedico, Belluno Italy 32036