Belleville in Tortoise

Belleville in Tortoise


Article One frames are handmade in a family-owned factory in Northern Italy by craftsman that take pride in their work. Each frame is handcrafted with the finest Italian Mazzucchelli acetate. 

The Logo Plaque

As a symbol of the water crisis in our hometown of Flint, we redesigned our logo plaque in the shape of a water drop. A small reminder that $150 of your purchase was donated to positively impact the children of Flint.

Sun Lenses

For this limited collection, we worked with Zeiss Vision to provide extremely high quality CR-39 sun lenses with a slight blue tint. 

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Kathleen Gazall

"I have lived through many changes of Flint.  We’ve been knocked around quite a bit over the years, but my love for Flint has never wavered. I will continue to do my part in making Flint one of the best City’s to live, work and play.  They say home is where the heart is – and my heart is in Flint.  #myheartisinflint"

Rob Klaty

"Flint is not an easy place.  But that breeds and attracts a certain type of people.  Gritty, tenacious people who understand adversity.  Generous and grounded people. It's a joy to work alongside of those sort of folk

Learn more about Kathleen, Rob, and the rest of our Flint Role Models here: